ATRS World Conference 2023 in Kobe, Japan

Location and Access


Kobe International Conference Center is connected with the Port Liner rail station (Kobe Convention Center station) by a sheltered pathway bridge. Three hotels with 1,246 guest rooms and unique party venues are also concentrated in this area. All venues and facilities are a 5 minute walk from one another.


Kobe International Conference Center

Plenary, Symposium
Int`l Conference Room,
400 seats
Room 401, 100 seats
Exhibition & Poster, Coffee break
3F Reception Hall, 270㎡ 5F Foyer, 200㎡

Welcome Reception / Gala Dinner

Welcome Reception: Ariston Hotel Kobe
Gala Dinner: LA SUITE Kobe Oceans Garden

Access A. Fly to Narita / Haneda

B. Fly to Narita / Haneda

Using Narita and/or Haneda airports would be most popular way to come to Japan. When using Narita as a gateway, you have three ways; first way is using Shinkansen (via Narita EXP or bus); second way is using domestic flights (to Osaka/Itami or Kobe airports) from Haneda; the last one is using domestic flights from Narita. The first and second ways are popular.

When using Haneda as a gateway, you can have two ways; first one is using Shinkansen from Shinagawa Station (via Keikyu railway); second one is using domestic flights (to Osaka/Itami or Kobe airports).

When using Shinkansen, you can drop at Shin-Kobe Station and ride a subway to San-no-miya to change the train; at San-no-miya Station, going up to the Port-Liner Station and you can ride the Port-Liner.

Local Access

High-speed access by Shinkansen bullet trains from all over Japan

Shinkansen bullet trains stop at Shin-Kobe station every 15 min and provides easy access for conference delegates from all over Japan. It is takes just 12 min to reach the Kobe Int’l Conference Center by metro and Port Liner (or taxi).

Easy access by air from major cities in Japan

Kobe airport offers domestic flights from 6 major cities in Japan including Tokyo. The departure floor is directly connected to the train station, and it takes only 8 min to get to the Kobe Int’l Conference Center.

Port Island automated transit rail system
‘Port Liner’

Kobe airport and downtown are directly connected with Kobe Int'l Conference Center by the ‘Port Liner’ train system. It provides Japan's fastest and easiest transfer from train station or airport. You can get to the Kobe Int'l Conference Center from the downtown in 10 min and from Kobe airport in 8 min.

Access B. Fly to Kansai International Airport(KIX)

Step 1 : Fly to Kansai International Airport(KIX)

Kobe is closer to Kansai International Airport than any other city in the Kansai area.

Kanasi International Airport is Japan’s first 24 hour airport and the 2nd largest in Japan after Narita Airport (Tokyo), connecting to 68 cities with 1,115 flights per week. All directional signage is posted in four languages - Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English. International delegates can easily find their way around.

Step 2 : Transfer to Kobe by sea or road

There are two ways to come to Kobe. One is by the high-speed Bay Shuttle ferry and the other is Limousine Bus. Taking only 41 min from Kansai Int'l Airport to the Kobe International Conference Center on Port Island, the Bay Shuttle boasts the fastest access of any convention facilities in Japan.

Bay Shuttle ━ 30 min. transfer,
16 daily, 1 per hour

One characteristic of the Bay Shuttle ferry is that it makes use of universal design principles. (For example, wheelchair users have ample corridor width, easy access slopes and wide rest rooms).

Limousine Bus ━ 60 min.
transfer, 3 per hour

Limousine airport buses run directly to Sannomiya, Kobe’s downtown. For overseas participants the limousine bus ticket counter has easy-to-follow instructions in four languages. From downtown Kobe, the Kobe Int’l Conference Center on Port Island is then reached by a smooth and direct 10-min ride on the ‘Port Liner’ transit rail system.